Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services



About the Department

            The Animal Husbandry Department in Tamil Nadu, is responsible for the implementation of various programs and schemes related to animal husbandry, veterinary services, and dairy development in the state. The department works towards improving the health and productivity of livestock, promoting sustainable farming practices, and supporting the livelihoods of farmers involved in animal husbandry.

             The Department in Tamil Nadu plays a vital role in livestock management. It focuses on providing veterinary healthcare services to prevent and control diseases. Additionally, the department implements Livestock Development Programs, aiming to enhance productivity through improved breeding, nutrition, and management practices. Ensuring animal welfare is a priority, with the enforcement of relevant laws. Disease control and surveillance measures are employed to monitor and curb the spread of diseases. The department actively supports dairy farming by offering technical assistance, financial aid, and training. Through Livestock Extension Services, it educates farmers on modern and scientific husbandry methods. Lastly, the department implements various government schemes to support the welfare of farmers in animal husbandry.

Acts and Rules